Nomadic Chooks

Chickens Feeding on the farm at Toms Paddock

My philosophy and commitment is to have contented Chooks, producing nutrient dense eggs of the highest quality.

My beautiful Chooks are the first truly nomadic paddock rotating, egg production system in Murrindindi area.

What makes TOM’S PADDOCK Eggs stand out from the rest?

Most importantly, our Chooks are active and healthy. They have 24-hour access to green forage, with a varied composition of rich pasture grasses. They are moved three times a week to fresh pasture, which is surrounded by a highly portable electrified predator proof fence to protect them.

My chooks are on the go, doing what comes naturally – searching for grubs and bugs and having the opportunity to dust bath and socialise with each other. My Chooks are free to express their ‘Chookiness’.

Living outdoors in the sunshine gives them exposure to vital Vitamin D and helps keep them healthy and parasite free.

Paddock eggs are better for you!

The foraging helps the Chooks to produce eggs with a bright orange yolk and thicker albumen. This is due to the beta-carotene that is naturally in the grass.

Research shows that when compared with Chooks that are confined, eggs from Chooks foraging on pasture have.

Eggs are better for you

My paddock eggs are absolutely fresh – the yolks are deep yellow/orange, with a rich flavour and firm texture – perfect for poaching!

You can taste, see and feel the difference.

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