The Team

Chicken Standing on Farmer Toms shoulder infront of Tomspaddock Sign
Elsa - The Team

Tom Abbottsmith Youl is the latest generation to steward the land at Graceburn Farm.

He’s the stockman who implements and manages the farms regenerative agricultural systems.

He protects the native wildlife corridors from noxious weeds and controls Mr Fox.

He drives the van that brings you, your ethically produced food.

He is the guy who you contact on the phone.

He is your Local Farmer.

This is his Paddock… you’re in good hands.

Elsa is our loveable Golden retriever X Poodle, who takes an interest in all farm activities.

She is learning the difficulties of herding chooks, catching rabbits and chasing away foxes.

Always alert to any dangers she is a supportive team player.

She is Tom’s best friend

This is her Paddock… are you ready to play.