Dozen Eggs



From Nomadic Chooks

Eggs from chooks that are healthy, active and free

These Paddock Eggs are of the highest quality. The access to grass that our Chooks have is unparalleled in other free range systems.

β€œI treat my girls with respect. I give them freedom to run, scratch for grubs, bugs, and worms, and peck their way around a genuinely free-range environment of perennial grasses: natives, ryes and clovers.” Tom Abbottsmith Youl

Be assured they are fresh, just ask Tom when they were laid. The answer will often be yesterday!

If you want eggs from Chooks that have a natural life, where they are encouraged to express their ‘Chookiness”. You’ve found the right place…

You can taste, see and feel the difference


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Our eggs are ungraded, as nature provides.

  • Average weight 750 g
  • Egg carton contains 1 dozen eggs 12 individual eggs
  • Eggs should be stored point end down, below 21 C
  • Eggs must be kept dry while stored

Best before five weeks from delivery date


Β For More Information on how eggs are graded read our FAQ Section.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Alison (verified owner)

    I have not always enjoyed eating eggs from the supermarket even those that are marked ‘free range’. Since buying Tom’s Paddock Eggs and starting a buying club during the pandemic to support his business, I have not tasted eggs like them. Some of them are so big they won’t fit in the egg cartons! I did consider having my own chickens during the tight times of the pandemic … I just couldn’t replace the quality Tom’s eggs provide.

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