16 – 20 month old Chooks



Nomadic Chooks from Tom’s Paddock (available January 2021)

These chooks have been raised at Tom’s Paddock from day old. They have been raised out on pasture from 6 weeks old learning to become the best free range chooks they can be.

The first year of egg production is the best year for producing poaching eggs, Tom’s major market place. These chooks are still laying and will do so for several years if well cared for.

“I treat my girls with respect. I give them freedom to run, scratch for grubs, bugs, and worms, and peck their way around a genuinely mobile free-range environment of perennial grasses: natives, ryes and clovers.” Tom Abbottsmith Youl

They are very well rounded chooks having lived in a mobile pasture based system for 16 – 20 months. They make great pets and will entertain and provide eggs for your family to enjoy. Tom feels that a forever home with you is the best place for his treasured girls to end up, which is why they are so competitively priced (less than a dozen eggs and she will pay for herself…!)

Please enjoy and care for these chooks as much as Tom has. . .

Chooks make great pets!


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These chooks are very savvy having grown up in a real free range environment these know how to roost, evade predators and find nest boxes.

  • White or Brown chooks are available please indicate your preference at checkout
  • Chooks are sold from a large laying flock which has a current laying percentage, Tom will be happy to tell you the current laying percentage, but takes no responsibility for individual chooks laying percentage once chooks leave the farm
  • Please ensure your new chooks have access to ad-lib chook feed with a minimum of 17% protein to ensure maximum egg laying performance
  • Chooks naturally moult once per year in Autumn, they stop laying during this process to regrow feathers for the coming winter
  • Available for contactless pick up at the farm gate, by appointment, during the Corona Virus pandemic

Chooks if well cared for may lay for several more years

 For More Information read our FAQ Section.

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