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Spurred on by the ‘war on waste’ I feel compelled to offer a reusable carton system to address our contribution to the 24 million tons (trees) of single use cardboard egg cartons being sold each year in Australia.

This very durable Carton is 100% recyclable at its end of life, but our hope is that it will be reused for years and years. It’s BPA free, machine washable and the manufacturer claims that the lid can be closed 3 million times, at least, before failure.

Combined with an egg buying club system this concept allows us to close the waste loop and completely exit the single use cardboard packaging system. Hooray!
Thanks for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Tom Abbottsmith Youl
Tom’s Paddock.

You can taste, see and feel the difference – Tom’s Paddock


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Choose to Reuse

  • Reusable packaging can be more environmentally sustainable than recycling
  • 24 million tons of single use cardboard egg cartons are sold each year in Australia
  • High quality, machine washable, BPA free. 100% recyclable at end of cartons life

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 For More Information on how eggs are graded read our FAQ Section.


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